Who We Are ?

Reunka Softec is the leading software company which is rapidly adding values in the development of their most popular product SMART PLANNER & MIS Module to their most valuable clients.

Renuka Softec has addressed these challenges, providing a print management system that automates your entire workflow, including online orders, custom walk-ins or orders entered by reps in the field. You no longer have to spend on multiple solutions from different vendors, only to face additional costs integrating and maintaining them.

Our Story

In 2002 three persons, Manish Kothalkar , Gulzar Presswala and Mohit Jain joined hands to start a software company Renuka Softec. Prime objective of these three people was to make a software which smartly quickens the long hectic procedures of planning and costing of printing jobs. And soon they succeeded in providing the printing industry a unique turnkey software solution. Today Gulzar proudly says that smart planner is the outcome of the valuable support and feedback which we received from numerous interactions with Indian print industry.

A completely customizable software, which can be set as per needs of a typical Indian printing press. Faithful estimates, composite analysis, layout creation, job card creation… whatever you require will be served before you will need to demand.

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